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Links and Sally Willis Publications

The Institute of Group Analysis
The Institute of Group Analysis is a world-renowned training body for group psychotherapists who practice group-analytic psychotherapy.  It is recognised by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, one of the foremost accrediting bodies for psychotherapy in this country.  It offers lectures and workshops and a full training to become a qualified group analyst.  It has a Clinical Services Section (020 7431 2693) which helps people to contact a group analyst in their area.  Many group analysts also work with individuals by applying the group-analytic method, often combined with other approaches.

The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice
The Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice is a busy, well-established practice in the heart of London, offering a wide range of groups, couples and individual psychotherapy at most times of the day.  All the therapists are qualified by the IGA and are highly experienced. 020 7388 0365 020 7586 1963

BEAT (UK charity for eating disorders) BEAT Helpline for adults:  0808 801 0677 BEAT Youth-line for under 18’s:  0808 801 0711 For general enquiries:  0300 123 3355

The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy is one of the foremost accrediting bodies for psychotherapy in this country.  It holds a list of accredited training bodies as well as individual psychotherapists and it requires the highest standards of ethical practice from all its members and member bodies.  My training body, the Institute of Group Analysis, comes under the accrediting umbrella of the UKCP.  Group analysts like myself are not only members of the IGA but also members of the UKCP.

Sally Willis Publications

Willis, S. (1988) Group Analytic Drama: A Therapy for Disturbed Adolescents in Group Analysis Vol 21 No 2 London: Karnac Books
Willis, S. (1999) Group Analysis and Eating Disorders in Group Analysis Vol 32 No 1 London: Karnac Books
Rowlands, G., Singleton, A. and Willis, S. (2001) Referrals and Relationships:  In-Practice Referrals Meetings in a General Practice in Family Practice 2001, Vol 18 No 4: Oxford University Press

Willis, S. (1990) Who Goes There? Group-Analytic Drama for Disturbed Adolescents: Chapter 4 in Psychodrama, Inspiration and Technique eds M. Karp and P. Holmes. London. Routledge
Willis, S. (1990) The Four Talks and Facing the Darkness: Chapter 10 in Our Responses to a Deadly Virus by A. Molnos. London.Karnac Books

In Preparation
Willis Games Therapy for Anorectic Teenagers
Willis Group-Analytic Drama for Disturbed Adolescents
Both these are new methods I have devised. They combine group analysis with games and story-telling.