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Client Feedback

Over the years many clients have given me positive feedback about their experience of therapy and the considerable improvements in their emotional lives and in their relationships.  The overwhelming feeling is that the rewards have far surpassed their expectations and that side benefits have been felt that could hardly have been imagined. At the same time they know that this is not a miracle cure. It is about a realistic achievement of freedom from pain and acquiring a new capacity to take responsibility for one’s own life and for one’s own feelings; it is about acquiring a new connection with oneself at the deepest level and with the souls of others…..

Because of client confidentiality I am not in a position to publish all comments directly here.  But some former clients have given their permission and have written as follows:

“Thank you for all the times you brought sense to the confusion…”

“Thank you for keeping it safe…”

“It feels as if you have helped to mend my broken bones and encouraged me to learn to walk again.”

“(The group) has literally been a lifeline to me at times....I find it difficult to believe that I feel so well and happy.”

 “My life with my family and with others has been transformed into something whole and meaningful…”

 “You have helped me to find my voice and feel in control… “After all these years it is amazing to be free from anxiety and depression.  I never thought it could happen like this…

” “Mit Ihrer Unterstuetzung bin ich meinen wahren Lebensweg naeher gekommen und habe besser gelernt, zu meinen Staerken und Schwaechen zu stehen.”

 “With your support I have come closer to my true path in life and learnt to know and accept my strengths and weaknesses.”

“Ich glaube, dass der Zeitpunkt richtig war, mich ausgeruestet mit allem, was Ihr mir gegeben habt, auf eigene Fuesse zu stehen und mein Leben, so wie es fuer mich moeglich ist, zu gestalten… So hat sich das jahrelange Ringen und Bangen gelohnt. Danke fuer alles.” 

“I think it was the right time to go, armed with everything that you (the group members) had given me, to stand on my own two feet and to shape my life in a way that I could manage… All the years of struggle and fear were worth it.  Thanks for everything.”

 “The loneliness was the worst. What I was thinking and feeling between four walls became expressed for me in the group…This experience has made such a difference to my life…I will never forget you all.”