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Couples Counselling or Relationship Psychotherapy

I offer couples counselling which I also sometimes refer to as relationship psychotherapy.  Usually partners come to see me for a limited number of sessions, maybe 3 – 6 sessions over a period of 3 – 6 months.  Each session lasts for 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the issues being thought about.  Homework is often set. Lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples and transgender people are all welcome as are married people and those who live together as life partners.  Sometimes it is a relationship between a mother and daughter or some other family members that needs attention.  Commitment to the process by both or all people from the outset is very important.

The aim is to improve communication between both (all) parties and to develop techniques to manage conflict and to undo entrenched, unhelpful patterns of relating.  Conflict, handled well, can be an important, creative part of a relationship.  Sometimes we have to learn how to quarrel!   This is especially true when we have had poor examples of managing conflict from our own parents. Sometimes people don’t know how to be happy together and to have shared goals.  This may also be addressed with my help.

Some couples may have sexual problems or problems with emotional intimacy.  There are many creative ways of addressing this difficulty and seeing a third person can provide that extra perspective that makes all the difference.

No-one person is blamed and a satisfying outcome for everyone concerned is always sought.