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Training and Supervision

I have been involved for many years in training mental health professionals in different settings.  I have trained students on the Qualifying Course of the Institute of Group Analysis.  I regularly work in teams giving advanced training in Group Analysis to leading doctors, consultant psychiatrists and psychoanalysts in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. I lecture in English and German.  I train at universities in this country on their counselling and counselling psychology courses at all post graduate levels. My specialisms are: psychotherapy, group analysis, disturbed adolescents, eating disorders.

Supervision for whom?
I offer supervision to trainees and graduates of: group analysis, psychoanalysis, psychological counselling, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, counselling psychology, integrative counselling and practitioners working with disturbed adolescents.

Supervision philosophy
Supervision is a creative dialogue between the supervisor and supervisee in which the supervisee’s work and own professional development is examined and promoted.  A working rapport has to be established and minimum standards of good practice are expected.  The supervisee is required to have a high level of self-awareness, being well able to discuss possible weaknesses in his/her work.  Countertransference issues are addressed so that the supervisee’s own feelings, attitudes and preconceptions may be understood and not contaminate the work.  Any parallel processes occurring in the session are also examined.  Supervisees are expected to bring cases that appear to be running smoothly as well as those causing concern.  Keeping an overview of the supervisee’s work is essential.  Client confidentiality is respected at all times and the client’s needs are paramount.